In-Dev Build #13

Changes since previous version:

  • Paths to non-critical rooms can now be locked or bricked off
  • Added new enemy variants
    • Eyeball that doesn’t shoot projectiles
    • Bug that spits bombs
    • Biped that “turtles” and blocks melee damage
    • Another biped variant still in progress (no change yet)
  • Brought over the final boss from Gunmetal Arcadia Zero and added a new final boss (neither appears during normal play yet)
  • Added a prototype of a faction boss (may appear in this build)
  • Added a prototype of interstitial narrative NPC rooms
  • Added session planning across multiple levels
    • Sessions are temporarily fixed at two levels long
    • Each boss and miniboss may only appear once per session
    • Background music is randomly selected per level
    • Stubs exist for choosing more features per level, including color palettes and narrative rooms
  • Added a new binding (left or right trigger by default) for a “crouch only” control that can be used at the top of ladders without descending

Notable bugs:

  • Occasionally the game will hang trying to generate a session

Mac OS X: GunArc.dmg
Linux: GunArc.tar.gz