Hey, I actually managed to get some of those enemy variants done ever. I’d like to do some new art for some of these, but I’m gonna be up against the clock trying to get any version of this game shipped, and that’s the sort of thing that may have to fall off the table.

This week, I’ll be continuing to develop the “final final” boss of Gunmetal Arcadia (a sort-of variant of the final boss from Zero, mentioned but not shown in this week’s video), as well as doing more work on plotting out entire sessions, to include choosing a number of levels, choosing bosses, background music, and color palettes from each, adding stubs for themes/tilesets once those exist, possibly placing opportunities for narrative NPC breaks, and so on. That’s one of the last missing puzzle pieces before I can start getting a real hands-on sense of the full scope of a game session.

Assuming that doesn’t take the whole week, I’d like to start prototyping some enemy behaviors for the “final final final” bosses. I think I discussed these briefly in a video sometime last year, but essentially the plan is to have some optional bosses that can show up in response to certain legacy events. These likely will be smaller in scale than the normal final bosses, but hopefully more of a technical challenge. More Mega Man than Zelda II, as it were.

(Thanks to the out-of-order nature of when I wrote this blog versus when it was posted, this last item was covered in yesterday’s stream. The archive is up on Youtube.)