It’s that time again. I’m prepping for SGC this weekend and Classic Game Fest next weekend and trying to get builds and trailers and whatever else into shape without breaking anything. (Too late for that, the last in-dev build went out with a near-immediate crash bug, and that was after overlooking that I’d forgotten to upload the file for an entire day.) I’ve been ignoring emails and forum posts and most other responsibilities in the interest of meeting deadlines. Yep, it’s crunch time.

In the interest of complete transparency, here’s what my schedule looks like right now. I’m doing contract work three days a week. It usually takes me a full day to record and edit “Let’s Make Gunmetal Arcadia” episodes and produce the weekend’s in-dev builds, so that’s a fourth day gone. Ignoring the handful of hours it takes to write these devlogs, that only leaves one work day for actual development. Of course, there are evenings and weekends, and I make up the difference working more of those than is probably healthy. It feels like I’m spending literally nearly every waking hour working on this game. So why is progress so slow?

Well, there’s a couple reasons. For one, new Super Win bugs keep popping up, and I’ve had to spend more time than I anticipated fixing those and publishing new builds. For another, most of my recent work has been focused on features that don’t directly impact gameplay — palettized fades, an intro cutscene, and of course the endless audio refactoring. And finally, I’ve had to spend some time preparing materials for events, including the flyers that I showed last week and this teaser trailer that I just finished rendering half an hour ago. Oh wait what trailer huh?

Now, this is intended to be looped silently throughout the day at events, and I don’t necessarily know that it’ll play well for the internet, so I’m releasing it without a lot of hoopla, but there it is: the first Gunmetal Arcadia teaser trailer.

It’s unlikely I’ll have any time at all to work on Gunmetal Arcadia over the next two weeks, since I’ll be primarily focused on manning the booths at SGC and Classic Game Fest, but there will be a new “Let’s Make” episode this Wednesday and new builds on Saturday. My hope is to record some footage from SGC and CGF and do recap devlogs and video logs for the following weeks, but we’ll see.

With any luck, things should be back to normal-ish by the start of August, and maybe I’ll ever move on to fun, exciting gameplay tasks.