In-Dev Build #12

Changes since previous version:

  • Progression blockers should be fixed
  • Fullscreen behavior is consistent across all platforms
    • Borderless windowed fullscreen
    • Always at desktop resolution
    • Target resolution is simulated
    • Letterboxing/pillarboxing preserves aspect ratio
  • Fixed a Linux bug with switching from fullscreen to windowed
  • Added a splash screen on all platforms
  • Subweapons have been removed from all character loadouts
  • Item chests have been improved
    • Chests can now drop all subweapons and heart containers
    • Chests will never drop the same item twice
  • Implemented shields
    • Shields extend the health bar beyond its normal cap but cannot be refilled once lost
    • Shields can be found as loot drops and granted as legacy incentives
  • Enemy spawn points are chosen at generation time, and critical failures will prompt the room to reroll
  • Treasure is weighted properly so mimics appear only rarely
  • Heart containers no longer refill health completely
    • “Full” heart containers restore one heart
    • “Empty” heart containers increase the cap only
  • Big hearts only restore two hearts instead of a complete refill
  • Placeholder legacy effects have been upated
    • On death, start the next session with one extra shield
    • On success, start the next session with one extra heart

Notable bugs:

  • Some of the randomly selected palettes are unplayable

Mac OS X: GunArc.dmg
Linux: GunArc.tar.gz