Year Three


It’s Retropalooza time this weekend, and it’s also my two-year blogiversary. “lolwut,” as the kids say.

As I enter Year Three of Gunmetal Arcadia development, and with roughly four months of development remaining before the February 7, 2017 launch date, I’ve been debating writing some sort of a midmortem, but I feel like I’ve already written about a dozen recaps, midmortems, and the like in the last two years. The short version would be, two years is a long time to work on a solo project. This is far and away the biggest thing I’ve ever worked on, and I’m ready for it to be done. There’s one last leg of content production standing between me and shipping, and while the past two years have put me in a pretty good position, I don’t have a shippable product yet. These next few months will make or break the game. So, no pressure.

This weekend also marks the second birthday of Super Win the Game, so it’s 50% off everywhere for the next seven days. You can buy it here or here or here. And, you should? Yes. Yes, you should. (You can also save an additional 15% if you buy the Minor Key Games Complete Collection on Steam, including the just-released Slayer Shock.)

Anyway, here’s what next week looks like:

  • Design and implement the Seeker faction boss
  • Draw sprites for both faction bosses
  • Do any additional work needed on the final final boss
  • Update builds for Retropalooza as needed
  • Get everything in shape for the content production phase

My rough schedule for the next couple of months is:

  • October: Add new level tilesets and prefabs
  • November: Add new items and features to support them
  • December: Add legacy events and features to support them
  • January: Everything else
  • February: ship it dot jpg

It’s sort of like crunch except without the long hours. It’s a soggy kind of crunch. Mmm, soggy crunch.