In-Dev Build #2

Changes since previous version:

  • Brought over recent changes from synth tool
    • Better approximation of 2A03 sounds
      • Implemented looped noise mode
      • Restricted noise to the correct 16 frequencies
      • Quantized changes to 60Hz updates
      • Low- and high-pass filters at 14KHz and 90Hz
      • Non-linear mixing
    • Better support for dynamic instrument voices
      • ADSR envelopes
      • Pitch envelopes
      • Vibrato
      • Tremolo
      • Pulse width modulation
    • Added oversampling option to reduce high frequency aliasing
    • Dynamic DC bias
  • Added “audiothread” console command to report on thead health

Mac OS X: GunArc.dmg
Linux: GunArc.tar.gz